Let's talk about lasers.

Not all lasers are created equal.
LUSTRE LOOK is actually one of only a few clinics in the southeast U.S. that possess the newest generation of Pico Lasers in the industry – CUTERA's enlighten III.

What makes our laser so unique?

We are so glad you asked! One feature which makes our laser heads and tails above the others is its use of “photo acoustic technology" - sound emitted by the laser light wavelengths into the layers of skin to burst apart pigments and/or stimulate collagen production. Many lasers, such as Q-Switch and IPL, use “photo thermal technology” - heat emitted from the laser light wavelengths to burn apart pigments, and/or destroy skin or hair follicles. Lasers such as the commonly-used ND Yag Q-switch, and some other Pico Lasers can inflict irreversible damage and scarring from excessive heat transfer into adjacent tissue, resulting in unsightly "ghost scars". The modern method of sound-bursting technology as seen in our laser, plays an important role in preserving the integrity of surrounding tissue with each lasering session.

Another feature which sets our laser apart from others is its ability to render both nano and pico pulses. One size doesn’t fit all - and this applies to laser pulse as well. This dual technology allows our practitioners to more exclusively and effectively target matter of all sizes in skin layers. Because our LL practitioners are experts with the use of these pulse durations, our clientele experience some of the best clearance rates of pigment, and stimulation of dermal collagen, in the fewest sessions ever! We are typically able to clear pigments in roughly half the sessions of other lasers - including that of your local doctor's office.

When it comes to tattoo removal and brown spot removals, our laser is the "creme de la creme" of lasers! Did you know different light wavelengths are necesssary to reach and burst apart different colors of tattoo pigment in the skin? So if you've ever wondered why your reds, greens, blues or yellows don't seem to be disappearing with laser tattoo removals... it's probably because the practitioner and laser being used, lack the various wave lengths needed to target each color. Most lasers used for tattoo removal only have one wavelength - and that is the one needed to target black ink. LUSTRE LOOK has all the laser light wave lengths needed to burst apart and clear all colors!