Permanent cosmetics is truly part science and part art. “Micropigmentation” has become the scientific term widely used in the industry when referring to permanent make up.   LUSTRE LOOK Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Practitioners (LPCPs) are trained extensively in matters of skin anatomy and physiology, skin diseases, skin undertones, healing stages, color theory, shapes, measuring and mapping techniques, pigment and needle configurations, stretching techniques, and more.  We use the most modern equipment in the industry and apply the most advanced techniques of  micropigmentation in our services.  Our focus in permanent cosmetics, is to follow the natural bone structure and existing physical attributes of each client, in order to further accentuate or re-create the most natural-appearing features with regard to skin undertones and hair colors.  NO ONE PERSON IS EXACTLY, PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL – none.  We are all  imperfect and asymmetrical in our features.  Our LPCPs are highly trained in creating optimal degrees of symmetry in features, and most clients report experiencing > 90% improvement with our results. We can never make features exactly perfect- no one can.  We use the highest quality of cosmetic grade pigments-  completely safe and proven to have the absolute best possible retention over time.   Because so many factors (out of our control) play into the healed, final outcome of each procedure – ie. overall health of an individual, post-procedural care, lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, medication use, personal hygiene, sun exposure, to name a few – we cannot guarantee exact results of any given client. 


Micropigmentation is another term for permanent cosmetics, permanent make-up, or cosmetic tattooing.  YES….. it IS a TATTOO!  Cosmetic grade pigments ( iron-oxide based or carbon based) that have been approved by FDA to be used in cosmetics of all kinds, are deposited into the dermis layer of the skin. This is performed with tiny needles either by manual slicing techniques – microblading … or by machine puncturing techniques – micropuncturing.   Machine tattooing methods have proven to be the safest, most efficient and consistent manner of depositing pigments into the dermis layer, without over-saturating or scarring.   LUSTRE LOOK permanent cosmetics are known for their soft lines,  gradually shaded, super natural appearances.   This level of results are only accomplished by using advanced methods in machine micropuncturing techniques.  Because all tattoo pigments are UV light sensitive, some of the pigments will fade or blur over time and will need to be “touched-up” – LUSTRE LOOK eyebrows every 1-3 years,  eyeliners and lips 5-10 years on average. Depending on your age, the number of touch ups, type of pigments used, techniques of practitioner, lifestyle, overall health… you may reach a point to where your dermis layer becomes “full” of pigment and you will require removal before any more pigments can be re-deposited and expected to stay. LL LPCPs are adept at determining this and will let you know if/when this is the case. 

When it comes to implanting pigment, it’s best to begin conservatively – as you can always opt to go darker, but not lighter! Also, the skin can only take so much puncturing before the body’s immune system floods these skin layers with an overhaul of inflammation and lymphatic fluids attempting to stop the damage and whisk away the “foreign matter” (pigment in this case).  Initial results will appear much darker than what healed results will be.  Scabs will form, and slough off within a weeks time. It generally takes the body 4 weeks time to fully heal from each micropigmentation procedure.  It is common for clients to need two sessions of cosmetic tattooing, a month apart, in order to achieve optimal results.   You should receive an email reminder  around the 4 week time frame to remind you to schedule your touch up if you should feel you need one.


When considering permanent cosmetics, it’s important to explore the “Why cosmetic tattooing, and why now?” factors which led you to this point in your journey.  Micropigmentation is considered a form of tattooing and this is something that will more than likely stay with you – longterm.  It may fade over the course of time and need occassional touch ups, so there will be a certain level of maintenance, as mentioned above.  If you have no brows from years of over-plucking, or maybe you just cant seem to draw your eyeliners on quite straight enough and have them stay put all day… permanent makeup is the ideal choice!   Often times, the inevitable aging process simply fades out our features year after year until we seem to have no resemblance of our former self left!  Because this is a lifetime investment, the LL experience focuses on creating classical, conservative, soft, natural lines that will stand the test of time while steering clear of the extreme makeup fashion trends. We believe certain art forms are best reserved for non-permanent make up.

Here’s a list of a few permanent cosmetic procedures that we DO NOT perform:

  • Inner Eyelids 
  • Freckles 
  • Beauty Marks 
  • Blush 
  • Hairline Hairstrokes 
  • Scar Camoflauge (with special considerations only) 
  • Eyelashes 
  • Decorative Patterns or Designs 
  • Large-Winged Eyeliner 
  • Heavy Eyeshadow 
  • Unnaturally Shaped Brows 
  • Outside Vermillion Border of Lips 
  • Connecting Upper and Lower Eyeliners 
  • Cover Ups of Overly Saturated Previous Work

Here’s a list of permanent cosmetic procedures we DO perform:

  • Powder Shaded Brows 
  • Hairstroke Brows 
  • Small Eyeliners 
  • Eyeliner With Eyeshadow 
  • Eyeliner With and Without Wings 
  • Upper and Lower Eyeliners 
  • Powder Shaded Lips 
  • 3D Areola Restoration 
  • Vitiligo Color Correction 
  • Scar Camouflage (only specified types)


 In the top right hand corner of our website:  www.lustrelook.com you may click on the “BOOK CONSULTATION” link and submit your information.   A LL Practitioner will call you within 48 hours to answer any questions you may have about permanent cosmetics, book you for your procedure, and take a $50 deposit to secure your date and time.  Your deposit will go towards the balance of your procedure on the day of  service. Plan on spending anywhere from 3-4 hours in our clinic for your initial micropigmentation procedure from start to finish.  If our Practitioner feels you are not a good candidate for a permanent cosmetic service – either temporarily or entirely – she will explain to you the reason. The LL team is composed of highly knowledgeable – both medically and technically – experts that only wish to deliver the absolute best quality of work and retention for our clientele. Unfortunately, permanent cosmetic procedures are not ideal for everyone. For those persons who happen to fall into this category, we will be happy to suggest some other options that exist to meet your aesthetic wishes!

 *********************************  IMPORTANT NOTICE  ************************************

LUSTRE LOOK requires a 48 HOUR RESCHEDULING NOTICE for all scheduled procedures. Prospective clients are permitted 1 reschedule / 48 hours ahead of time of procedure / per procedure.  If you wish to cancel, you may do so, also within 48 hours notice of appointment, and receive a refund of your deposit.  If notice of cancellation is less than 48 hours, you will forfeit your $50 deposit.


Due to the physical and mental demands coupled with the meticulous details involved in micropigmentation procedures, our LL practitioners put a great deal of prep-time and actual procedure time into each procedure.  We schedule 2-3 procedures a day and ask that clients be respectful of our time and efforts as well as the other individuals scheduled for procedures on the same day.

  • If you are more than 30 minutes late, we will not be able to perform your procedure and you will lose your $50 deposit. 
  • Remaining balance for procedure due. 
  • Post-procedure protocols and client forms will be reviewed with client. 
  • Pre-procedure photos taken.
  • Color swatching performed to determine ideal pigment color(s) with client’s skin tones and hair.
  • Measurements and facial feature mapping lines are drawn. 
  • Feature colored in with pen and client approved. 
  • Numbing agent applied. 
  • Numbing agent wiped and micropigmentation procedure begins. 
  • Client’s comfort level will be assessed throughout procedure and additional numbing agent applied if necessary. 
  • Upon completion, client asked to approve work. 
  • Final numbing agent applied. 
  • Post-procedure photos taken.  


  • Your freshly tattooed feature will be sensitive immediately after procedure.  This will subside usually by the next day.
  • You may take OTC pain meds to help alleviate any discomfort.
  • You may experience some minor swelling and this too should subside within a day or two.  Lips may take several days, even weeks to return to normal.
  • You will follow Post Procedure Protocols of applying ointment daily,  keeping tattoo clean and dry, while refraining from picking at the outer layers of skin as they slowly slough off over the course of the first week.
  • The tattooed area may itch during this sloughing phase.
  • Final healed results will be visible by the 4 week mark.
  • Touch ups must be scheduled within 3 months from the initial procedure.  After 3 months, clients will be charged the full amount of an initial procedure.







LUSTRE LOOK requires a 48 HOUR RESCHEDULING /CANCELLATION  NOTICE  for all scheduled procedures.  Prospective clients are permitted 1 reschedule / 48 hours ahead of time of procedure / procedure.  We, at LUSTRE LOOK. understand the need to cancel or reschedule, we just ask clients to be as considerate as possible of our Practitioners when doing so seeing how we block out a 4-hour time slot for initial procedures.   If you wish to cancel an appointment all together, we also require a 48 hour time notice and will be happy to refund your deposit.

We LL Practitioners are professionals, business owners and builders, wife, mom, extra-curricular transporter/cheerleader, cook, homemakers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandparent, girlfriends, students, etc. You get my point. Our time and efforts are every bit as valuable as yours and should be respected as such and compensated accordingly. 


LUSTRE LOOK accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards for payment.  Please be prepared to provide a LL practitioner your credit card information during your phone consultation to reserve your procedure date/time slot.

Remainder balance for procedure will be due at time of procedure.

Prices of services may change with special offers from time to time, so LL Practitioners are instructed to honor the pricing of service at the time of booking.

Tips for Practitioners are encouraged.  All LUSTRE LOOK LPCPs are entitled to 100% of their tips from clients.


If you have had a previous permanent cosmetic procedure and desire one of our LPCPs to review you for “correction” work – please call and/or text us with your request and attach a  head shot of yourself – preferably in natural light, standing next to a window, without any makeup on.  The work of  “other artists” are often not  in line  with the high standards of LUSTRE LOOK.  Our Practitioners will be happy to review the quality of your previous work and advise you accordingly.  LUSTRE LOOK LPCPs  cannot be held responsible for any final, healed color inconsistencies,  or any other problems relating to what we define as “correction procedures”.  There are absolutely NO guarantees.  LL reserves the right to refuse work on any prospective client with pre-existing permanent cosmetics. 


As mentioned earlier, pigments will tend to fade or become washed-out over the course of 1-3 years. This is to be expected. Usually it will be the “yellow” or lighter color tones in the pigment mixture that will fade most likely due to UV sunlight exposure. Warm-toned clients may notice a reddish or orangish-brow coming through… and cool-toned clients may notice a grayish, bluish, purplish tone coming through. We recommend our LL Beautes schedule a visit every year for a quick color boost. Annual color boosts for LL Beautes are generally priced at 20% off regular brow prices! 


Initial permanent cosmetic procedures generally take a 3-4 hours from the moment you step foot in door til time you step out of front door.  Wear something comfy.  NO COFFEE morning of.  You may take 1000 mg Tylenol the morning of your appointment before coming in.  This is recommended especially for eyeliner and lip procedures.  LL uses the most effective topical numbing cream on the market with 3 numbing agents mixed into one compound – BLT – a  benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine.  This ensures most clients the maximum amount of comfort throughout procedures.


After your initial permanent make up procedure, you will most likely need to wait 4 weeks before results are fully healed and before you can determine if you want a “touch up”.  Touch ups can then be scheduled and are offered at a discounted price and generally take half the amount of time to perform.  Touch ups must be scheduled within 3 months of the initial procedure to get discounted pricing.


We regret that Individual Services, Promotional Services, Sale Services, Series Services, Gift Certificates purchased for yourself or for another individual are absolutely non-refundable. This applies to Permanent Cosmetic Procedures, Skin Aesthetic Procedures, and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments purchased. We will be happy to hold the service amount or transfer the service dollar amount to a Gift Certificate for your convenience.

There are NO REFUNDS on any procedures or services we have already executed. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


  • Gift Certificates are available in any amount. 
  • Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash. 
  • Gift certificates are non-refundable. 
  • The value of a gift certificate will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed. 
  • Gift certificates must be presented at time of service.