Permanent Makeup
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Permanent Makeup Solutions

If you are looking for a permanent makeup solution that will stand this Florida heat and humidity, and remain in place for years to come – LUSTRE LOOK is the ideal choice! Our Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Practitioners (LPCPs) are trained in the latest, most modern techniques of micropigmentation which result in the softest and most natural-appearing lines. This isn’t your grandmother’s harsh-lined and overly saturated permanent makeup- nope. (Sorry grandma!) These finer and softer results are achieved with machine microneedling – not to be confused with manual microblading.

 With machine micropigmentation, needle cartridges are secured into a machine handpiece and electronical settings set specific depths and speeds of needle punctures/sec. This machine process of implanting pigment results in more even and consistent ink deposits– resulting in softer, more uniform, and longer lasting beautiful results! Permanent makeup is ideal for individuals with missing or light features, uneven features, or fading features. With properly shaped, placed, and colored brows, eyeliners, and lips… most of our clients walk out looking 10-15 years YOUNGER after their procedures! 

Not only does facial feature tattooing take the “guess work” out of wondering if you have drawn the best shape or color of each feature – it also significantly decreases time on dress routines- while boosting your confidence. Win-win-win! Whether you’re exploring options to restore features lost due to circumstances, aging, or disease processes such as breast cancer or alopecia… LUSTRE LOOK is here to help.

Our permanent makeup services for Fort Walton Beach, FL customers include:

Permanent Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are sparse, over plucked, light, or disappearing with age or circumstances, this beauty option can help you achieve full, fluffy, and permanently natural-looking eyebrows that last anywhere from 1-3 years before requiring a touch up.

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Permanent EyeLiner

The goal of permanent eyeliner should be to elongate, elevate, and embolden the natural shape of an individual’s eye. To accomplish this, we use advanced techniques, with soft, subtle and tapered lines. You will wake up each morning and look in the mirror and say, “Oh, THERE’S my eyes!” Often times it is the tiniest accentuations that can make the biggest and best overall improvements.

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Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent lip stains can help you achieve more even and defined borders of your lips. By clearly lining and softly shading in the lip with permanent pigments, your lips will instantly look fuller and give you that “pop” you have been wanting. No more lipstick application throughout the day, after meals, before pics, etc! Just apply gloss and go. Many of our clients get their lips tattooed, and then proceed with getting lip fillers – by this, they are able to achieve the clear and evenly defined, plush color, and youthful plumbness we all desire to maintain throughout the years.

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Additional Services

LUSTRE LOOK offers an array of additional skin aesthetic services as well that include: collagen stimulation for treatment of wrinkles, brown spot treatments, scar revision, cleft palate scar revision and feature formation, acne scar revision, 3-D areola restoration for breast cancer mastectomy patients, vitiligo correction, and skin graft redaction. Whether circumstances, nature, age or disease has negatively affected your desired features… we are here to help!

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All our permanent makeup and skin aesthetic services are available to individuals in the Fort Walton Beach, FL include brown spot treatments, collagen stimulation (spot treatments), and collagen treatment for face (full face stimulation).