Permanent Makeup Services for Destin, FL Residents

Micropigmentation is the process used to apply permanent makeup. It works through the use of a handheld device in which hundreds of punctures per minute are applied with a needle to the skin, injecting organic pigment that provides the appearance of makeup. If you want to define, accentuate, or contour the various features of your face, including the lips, eyes, and eyebrows, this method of natural looking pigment will help you achieve beautiful results.

We offer a range of permanent makeup services to Destin, FL and beyond, including:

Permanent Lip Liner

If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your lips, permanent lip coloring is an option to consider. Our skilled permanent makeup artist can help you achieve lips that look like you just applied your lipstick – and that look can last from morning until night and starting again the next morning.

You can increase the symmetry and fullness of your lips through permanent lip color treatment or simply opt for a light lip blush that enhances and brightens your lips ever so subtly, reflecting positively upon your face, but not with the appearance of full-fledged lipstick.

Permanent Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are naturally thin, sparse, or over plucked, permanent eyebrows may be your solution. In fact, you can achieve full, fluffy, and naturally appearing eyebrows through the skilled application from a trained technician from our team of the perfect technique to create the appearance you desire.

Upper and Lower Tiny Liner

Permanent Eyeliner

Many women choose to wear eyeliner to enhance their natural appearance. However, permanent eyeliner can give you a permanent solution can help you achieve the eye shape and cosmetic accents you desire without having to reapply for the same look every day. Whether you are inclined toward something subtle on the top lashes or something a little deeper and dramatic, we can help you achieve your best look.

Additional Services

At Lustre Look, we also provide permanent makeup solutions to address various medical conditions, including 3-D areola restoration, vitiligo correction, scar revision, acne scar revision, skin graft redaction, feature formation, and cleft palate scar revision.

Additional Services

We also offer Destin, FL customers skin aesthetics services that include collagen treatment for face (full face stimulation), brown spot treatments, and collagen stimulation (spot treatments).

For more information about how we can help you benefit with permanent makeup, call us today at 850.533.5250, drop us a message through our contact form, or book a consultation.

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