What is the difference between Microblading and Micropuncturing?

The two primary forms of micropigmentation are:  manual microblading  and machine micropuncturing .   When a permanent make up artist uses a hand-held instrument with needle tips on it to manually slices the skin, this is known as microblading.  The needle depths have no real nor consistent controls or safe-guards,  thus its incredibly difficult to judge the depth and depositing of pigments with each movement over the course of a procedure. Because of this, the microblading technique often results in uneven pigment deposits,  poor retention, and even scarring.
On the other hand, when a permanent make up artist uses a mechanical device with a secured configuration of needles, set to a specific depth, and puncturing at a set speed –  the pigments are more likely to be deposited more consistently with regards to depth and dispersion.  When permanent cosmetic inks are placed in the proper depths, results are more even and stay looking beautiful longer.  Micropuncturing is also less traumatic to the skin than micro-slicing (microblading).  Healing tends to be better with the micropuncturing method as well because there is less trauma to the skin.   All micropigmentation procedures performed at LUSTRE LOOK are achieved using the more advanced techniques of machine micropuncturing method.

Keep in mind… all tattooed facial features  will need “touch ups” over the years.  How often,  depends on many factors- diet, lifestyle, skin care, hydration, sun exposure, etc.  Usually LUSTRE LOOK clients are recommended to get a brow touch-up every 1-3 years,  eyeliners 5-10 years, and lips 5-10 years.