What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a process by which pigments are deposited under the skin. There are 3 layers of skin- the epidermis, the dermis, and hypodermis or subcutaneous. For optimal results, pigments should  be deposited into the dermis layer of skin. Too shallow, the pigments will be sloughed off in a month or two time.  Too deep, pigment colors may hit veins or arteries and “migrate” and look like a “blob” or lose their intended lines and colors  There are 2 primary methods of micropigmentation:  manual (microblading) and machine (micropuncturing).  With the use of tiny needles arranged in a linear format similar to that of a blade, the manual process of “microblading”, is performed by slicing motions in a free-hand format.  With the use of a single or multiple needles in grouping configurations,  the machine process of “micropuncturing”, is designed to deliver pigment into the dermal layer of skin with quick machine-generated puncturing motions.