What can I expect post-procedure?

Similar to a tattoo anywhere else on your body, initially, you may experience slight swelling or puffiness. This should resolve in 1-2days time. You will be advised to “dab” the tattooed area gently for the first 4-5 hours to soak up any lymphatic fluid that may come to surface of skin.  You may also use cold compress in between to minimize swelling.  Keep the tattooed area dry and clean for 5-7 days. The topmost layer of punctured skin may scab or start to crust over and eventually flake off.  Let it do so on it’s own!


Picking at scabs will undoubtedly contribute to loss of pigments and/or scarring. Some of the pigment will be wisked away by your body’s lymph cells, and some will rise to surface and flake away in the top shedded layer of epidermis. You should have an accurate idea of the appearance of the lasting tattoo in about 4-6 weeks time, as new layers of epidermis are formed and settle into place.

If for any reason, you experience anything different, please feel free to contact your LUSTRE LOOK LPCP and they will be able to advise you properly.